Interview with Jill Davi:  Money Mentor

What makes you an expert?  “Money coach” sounds like a made-up job.

It’s totally made up. You’re right! I made it up from scratch.

What I do is unique — I help people fix the deeper issues that mess with their money.

I believe: There’s nothing cosmic about money.

Achieving the Full Financial Package in your life…

  • Earning what you’re worth
  • Saving more,
  • Spending wisely
  • Having little to no “Bad” debt
  • And Negotiating with ease

…can be broken down into a series of steps…

Steps that you can quickly learn.

Here’s the long version of my story…

…And why I do what I do.

For years I struggled with my relationship with money. Some people struggle with food, others with gambling or romantic relationships.

For me, it was always money.

Asking for it
Receiving it
Underearning it
Hoarding it…
Then Overspending it
Talking about it
Managing it
Negotiating for it
Feeling anxious about it
Afraid of it

I sucked at money. Period.

By the time I was 26 I’d racked up nearly $30,000 worth of credit card debt (buying what? I have no idea.)

Working to the point of exhaustion at a job I couldn’t stand.

Yet underearning.

And swinging from one money extreme (penny-pinching & hoarding)…

To the other (blowing it all and racking up crazy debt.)

No disrespect to my parents but…

I had poor role models when it came to money.

Zero financial skills once I got to the “real world.”

Despite being a highly accomplished student and high-performing employee,

Despite “Living the good” life by my parent’s expectations,

Behind the mask,

Money was my secret shame.

I looked everywhere for answers trying to fix my money issues.

I’m embarrassed to say all the things I tried on my own.

Thought there was some magical solution that would make my problems disappear.

Watched the Secret, made vision boards, chanted affirmations, listened to tapes that were supposed to magically heal me, journaled, prayed, read all kinds of “spiritual” books, took inspirational courses.

You name it, I read it. I did it. I tried it.

And while I felt better, my money situation still sucked.

Then I stopped trying to do it on my own and searched for an expert to help me one-on-one.

But that person didn’t exist.

Instead, I found…

-Life coaches (Great pep talks! But no specific actionable financial plans)

-Lawyers (Who offered to help me file bankruptcy.  Not an option for me.)

-Accountants (Helped with my taxes once a year, but didn’t offer services to walk me through the personal aspects of managing my money on a day to day basis.  Let alone get into my emotional patterns.)

-Free online tools like Mint.com (Helped me to see it all in one place but obviously couldn’t help me fix my relationship with money. )

-Credit Repair Specialists (My credit wasn’t great but I knew that was the least of my money worries. I wasn’t planning on buying a house in the next 5 years. And again, they didn’t offer emotional tools to fix underlying my relationship with money.)

-Financial Planners/Advisors (Well, I had very little saved. So the financial planners would only be helpful if I had, you know, more than $50K in assets to invest. In fact, that was their first question when I reached out.)

-Talk Therapy (Great for exploring mommy and daddy issues, but they weren’t going to sit down with my numbers or give specific financial guidance.)

-Debt Consolidation/Counseling (Offered to help me consolidate all my cards and pay one monthly bill. (For a fee!) But did nothing to prevent this situation from happening again — or address my deeper money fears.)

How Did Your Fix Your Own Finances?

So with very little options for my unique situation, I set out to fix my relationship with money all on my own.

In just 18 months I accomplished two major money goals:

  1. I had the courage to face my money fears and land a new higher paying job.
  2. I paid off each and every one of my credit cards. (I sacrificed. A LOT. But rewarded myself in small meaningful ways.)

And I didn’t stop there. I never wanted debt to hang over me again…

So once I finished paying down debt, I started saving aggressively.

Then I accomplished my next major money goal:

Saved $10K.

Let me tell you, did I feel “rich.” No debt & savings is one of the most freeing feelings you can ever experience. “Abundance.”

<<To contact me with questions, please email my team at info@abundantfinances.com and someone will get back to you soon.>>

When Did You Start Helping People?

I started telling a few close friends about my money struggles and what I’d achieved.

And to my surprise, I was NOT alone.

People asked me for advice when I shared my struggles.

Then my sister suggested I teach a class after we sat down for an hour and “did her budget.”

Terrified but always up for a challenge, I made a little flyer and invented a full-day seminar.

10 women showed up to the first class. Most of them I’d never met before.

They just wanted to know how to fix their relationship with money and save $10K.

The first class was a hit and I started a side hustle teaching classes and helping people privately.

Even got a fancy coaching certification from NYU to help people get better results. (Which by the way, I negotiated that my company pay for. But that’s a story for another time.)

I loved helping people fix their relationship with money. It was so thrilling to see their results.

So I decided I wanted to do this full-time.

This made up fake-job title, “Money Coaching” thing.

I mentioned it to my boss at my corporate job (I used to work for Comedy Central)…

During my annual review (Like a dummy.)

And she laughed! She said how are you going to coach people with money issues…

How are they going to pay you?


Even though my little baby-hustle wasn’t earning all that much, I took it as a challenge.

(After I spent 48 hours in a depressed funk.)

Decided, instead of taking my savings and investing it entirely in stocks or bonds or real estate…

I’d do something completely different.

I took a portion of my savings…

And invested in Expert Business Knowledge. Trainings.

Anything I could get my hands on to figure out how to run a service-based business.

And I tested everything I learned.

Immediately started seeing results. More clients wanting to work with me to fix their relationship with money.

More clients achieving financial breakthroughs.

I flew into hyper-drive growing this side-hustle into a full-time career.

How Did You Fix Your Own Relationship with Money?

Wasn’t all unicorns and roses, though.

And as soon I started charging real prices…my money issues came raging back.

Had to learn how to charge what my services were worth.

My relationship with money was strong when it came to managing my budget.

You know, by myself.

Not talking to real, live people who could reject me.

But it TOTALLY sucked when it came to earning more money or even discussing it with prospective clients.

(I was undercharging to the point of being ridiculous for a while. Spending more money on the room rental than what I was charging for classes. I was just so scared to charge what my services were really worth.)

Had to learn how to raise my rates and sell myself. (I was petrified as a “nice gal” who “felt bad” asking for money.)

And I had to learn how to master the UMC’s — Uncomfortable Money Conversations that always show up when you’re running your own business.

Working through all that wasn’t fun but well worth it.

Because once I did, I charged enough that I could support myself financially and ditch my corporate job.

I hustled and left corporate in 6 months – with a full calendar of new & booked business.

In just one year after leaving my job, I was running a real business with clients from all over the world.

And I was profitable. No crazy debt. None of the scary ups and downs you hear about from new business owners.

Been doing the Money Coaching thing ever since.

It’s my mission in life to help people fix their relationship with money…

so they can achieve the Full Financial Package:

Earning What You’re Worth
Abundant and Growing Savings
Wise Spending
Little to no “Bad” Debt
Growing Investments
Discussing Money with Unshakeable Confidence

What Kind of Results Do You Help Your Clients Achieve?

Over the years I’ve helped my clients:

  • Payoff credit card debt (and staying out for good)
  • Pay off student loans
  • Double and triple their rates in their business and happily getting paid
  • Negotiate higher salaries & new more fulfilling positions with lucrative benefits
  • Create abundant savings accounts (and seeing clients hit their first $10K savings goal and more)
  • Invest in their own profitable businesses
  • Build a financial net to leave their corporate job and start profitable service-based businesses
  • Grow their businesses to profitability
  • Negotiate with employers for unpaid work/extra benefits
  • Negotiate with insurance companies, vendors, and other services to save $3K, $5K or more in fees and services for themselves & their family
  • Have a clear simple system for managing their funds that makes it easy to follow
  • Finally feel confident about money

So Are You Some Sort of “Guru”?

Not at all.

I understand that I will always be a work in progress when it comes to money issues.

I’m certainly not perfect (as much as I wish I were).

I get fearful, distracted and careless with my money sometimes. I forget to pay bills sometimes.

My credit is just “ok” – I’m human.

If you have a need to learn from someone perfect (or someone presenting themselves as perfect on the Internet), I’m not going to be able to help you, I’m afraid.

That said, I blasted through many money challenges that are similar to what you might be facing right now.


Underearning it
Overspending it
Mismanaging  it
Avoiding it

These are the four horses of the financial apocalypse, in my opinion.

And my specific expertise is in helping people quickly overcome these issues in a deep, confidential and challenging setting.

Did All Your Clients Get Great Results?

So now you’re reading and you’re either rolling your eyes because you think I’m bragging…(Honest, I’m not.)

Or you’re skeptical that this is even true.

I would be too.

The answer is No.

Any coach or consultant out there that says they have a 100% track record of success is ONE HUNDRED percent lying.

I have a solid track record of success.

Over 80% of my clients saw measurable tangible results from our work together.

And I do emphasize “measurable” results.

“She made me feel nice” is not a measurable result, in my opinion. ‘I negotiated a $20,000 contract” is.

The other 20% did not achieve as much as we expected because I was too inexperienced to see the warning signs.

-Poor timing – Major life-interruptions have a negative impact on results.

-Undiagnosed/Untreated Medical or Clinical Issues – Sometimes money issues hide as medical issues that are beyond the scope of my expertise.  Depression, personality disorders, anxiety disorders must all be treated through a mental health professional.  Not me.

-Spouse/Partner Sabotage – If your partner or spouse have co-mingled finances and they tend to sabotage your best efforts, my coaching will not produce the best possible results.

-Lack of Internal Motivation – Let me be clear.  I cannot motivate you to make changes in your life.  That’s your responsibility.  You bring the deep desire to do the work and I give you the steps & support.  You cannot pay someone to motivate you.

If any of these situations sound like you, I urge you not to apply for private coaching.

Who Are Your Best Clients?  The Ones That Get Great Results?

They Tend to Be…

  • Self-starters
  • Avid Readers & Learners
  • Open-Minded
  • Generally Agreeable
  • Healthy Skeptics
  • Focused
  • High-Achievers
  • Determined
  • Excited about the Future

…But they Struggle In Many of these Areas…

  • Undercharging/Underearning
  • Managing their Money
  • Little Savings
  • Avoid Uncomfortable Money Conversations & Confrontation in General
  • Struggle to Speak Up for themselves authentically
  • Hard on themselves (yet compassionate with others)
  • Perfectionists
  • Have trouble seeing themselves accurately (strengths and/or weaknesses)
  • Tendency towards People-Pleasing

Who Specifically Do You Work With?

I offer three different programs based on your professional status. Choose which sounds right for you and click through to find more detailed info.

Fix Your Relationship With Money – For Working Professionals

If You Work in a Corporate Job with a Steady Paycheck, this program will help you overcome your deeper emotional issues that are you causing your financial challenges.

  • Create abundant savings
  • Organize your finances
  • Spend money wisely
  • Eradicate debt
  • Negotiate bills, contracts, services, etc. to create huge savings for yourself & your family
  • Assertive language when it comes to difficult money conversations
  • Have unshakable confidence in money

Rapid Raise Your Rates Method — Private Coaching for Part-time Entrepreneurs or Startups

If you have a side-business while working 9-5 or you have recently started your company, this program will help you overcome your deeper issues around money, charge what your service is worth and explode your income.

  • Raise Rates by 2x, 3x or more
  • Master the art (and science) of sales
  • Organize cash flow and payments
  • Package & Marketing Services That Sell Themselves
  • Position yourself as the go-to expert that charges top-dollar

Fix Your Relationship With Money Your Business — For Established Business Owners

If you’re in business for some time and revenue is flat or tanking, your relationship with money may be the root cause. This program will help established business owners fix their own issues with money to rapidly increase revenue.

  • Raise Rates by 2x, 3x or more
  • Proven Lead Generation Methods
  • Master Sales Conversations
  • Organize cash flow and payment schedules
  • Packaging & Marketing Services
  • Referral Strategies
  • Hiring Support
  • Exceptional Client Care

I’d like to take the next step.  What’s should I do?

Once you’ve selected your professional category, the next step would be to apply for a complimentary session with me.

If your application sounds like you could be a fit, someone from my team will reach out and schedule an appointment with you in 24-48 hours.

Best of luck to you,