Interview with Jill Beirne Davi: Transformational Money Coach

How long have you been doing what you do?

What makes you an expert on this?

Well, I’ve been helping people with their finances for nearly five years. But to answer this question it’s probably best to tell you about a turning point in my life.  Six years ago, I found myself buried in $30,000 worth of credit card debt.  I felt ashamed, depressed and completely alone.  I was getting endless calls a day from creditors and it got so bad that I stopped picking up the phone.  It was one of the darkest times in my life and I felt guilty and worthless.

One day I woke up and realized that my debt was literally sucking the life out of me.  I could barely get out of bed in the morning.  So I decided to stop being a slave to the credit card companies and take my power back.  At that moment, I decided to make a radical change.  In my heart, I knew it was time to heal my messed up relationship with money.

The Secret to Financial Success:  Change Who You “Think” You Are With Money.  I decided to stop being someone who was “bad” with money. I decided to do whatever it took to become the sort of person that is great with money.  So, I read countless books on personal finance and financial recovery.  But I also learned about the spiritual side of money.  Yep, I got a little “woo woo.”  But most importantly, I changed my thinking about money and created systems to make sure it was being spent on the things I most valued and enjoyed.  I got my act together. I made a firm decision to grow up when it came to money.  I tracked my progress. I used spreadsheets. I made it a game.  It was a challenge during those times when I just wanted to quit and blow my budget.  And there were times where I had to say NO to the immediate gratification in order to say YES to financial freedom.  But in the end, it was completely worth it.

In just 18 months, I turned my finances around completely, paying back every cent of what I owed.  And I didn’t stop there. Once I realized how much I could pay down in debt I figured: Heck!  As soon as those cards are paid off, I’m going to start saving that money for myself!  So save money I did!  I used to be an impulsive spender with creditors calling. Now I’m a confident saver, on top of her money and It. Feels. Good.

Transforming your relationship with money comes from combining three powerful elements:  Practical tools (the Suze Orman stuff), emotional tools and spiritual tools to truly heal.  In my experience, you need all three types of tools working in your life to create lasting change and build a strong financial foundation.

I noticed that other people around me were struggling with their money, too.  So I began to open up about overcoming my own money issues.  My friends and family were curious, so I shared my systems with them and we found that the same strategies worked for them too!  From there, my sister told me I should teach a class on this.  So, I put it out there, told a few people and ten women signed up for my first workshop!

I often feel that I have a “calling” in this area and this service has really grown organically over time, it’s amazing.  I would teach classes, write articles and women would ask me if I would work with them privately.  So I just followed what people were naturally asking me for.  After a few years of working in corporate and nurturing this service on the side, I realized it was time to make a choice. I reached the point where I was literally working two full-time jobs.  So I made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to teaching people exactly what to do to get a hold their finances and heal their relationship money.

So I made the transition out of corporate to helping people full-time.   Since then I’ve spoken to groups, written articles, led workshops and worked privately with clients from around the world to help them connect their finances to what truly matters to them in life.

I love hearing back from clients months and years later who tell me how much money they’ve saved, how they’re making smarter decisions, how much new money they’ve attracted or how quickly they are paying down their debts. It’s the best part of what I do.

Here’s what I believe:

  • I believe that having a great relationship with your money is a skill you can learn.  It begins with changing how you think, feel and act with your money.
  • I believe that healing your relationship with money is not JUST about budgeting and spreadsheets. (Although that’s a part of the process.)  You ultimately must combine practical skills with new emotional and even spiritual tools to create lasting change.
  • I believe that you don’t need more information about money. We are in absolutely overload when it comes to personal finance “advice”.  What you need is transformation, which means taking what you know and applying it the real world so that you get astounding results!
  • I believe in fearlessly telling my clients the truth, and telling them things that no one else would dare say with tremendous love. Because of this, they get great results.
  • I believe that money is created by humans and humans are emotional.  So, money is therefore emotional.  When we address your emotions first before diving into the numbers, you are much more likely to stick to your plans long term.

To contact me with questions, please email my team at info@abundantfinances.com and someone will get back to you soon.

I don’t know Jill. Is change really possible for me?

Yes, I believe it is. If you have changed ANYTHING in any other area of you life than you can change this too. See, the thing is, managing your finances is a learnable skill. I show people how to set up simple systems to get a hold of their finances very very quickly. It’s almost like a puzzle to be solved. Oftentimes, my clients report that once they “see” their finances differently, it’s difficult to go back to their old ways. They learn how to organize their bills and expenses in a way that feels natural. On top of that, they are starting to become aware of some of the underlying emotional patterns around money. When they start to shift how they think and feel around money even in small ways, it creates a ripple effect in their life over time.

Who are your clients exactly? 

I cherry-pick my clients, as this service is not for everyone. In general, my clients are people who ,make good money but struggle to manage it well. They are committed to building wealth, but don’t know where to start. My clients are fearless.  They are the few who do versus of the many who talk.  Many many people SAY they want to build wealth. And they’ll do a few things here or there and quit. But my clients are different.

I have an extraordinary amount of love and respect for the people I work with. Because they are the few who take massive action.  They ask for help, they reach out, they take smart risks, they trust their intuition and because of this they begin to change their inner and outer game of money in order to build wealth.

They make decisions DESPITE where they are now. They trust their heart and intuition to lead the way. I speak to a lot of people about their financial challenges. And I have a tremendous amount of respect for my clients who make the commitment to themselves and their families to make a change.

Working with a financial coach seems counter intuitive.  Often times, I hear that my programs are pricey. And you know what, the ones that are committed to build wealth and will do whatever it takes to change their relationship with money — they find a way with many clients reporting that they see a return on their investment in themselves within the first two months of working together in the form of new money coming in the door.

Because something shifts when you make a powerful decision to change your life. And I’ve been able to witness amazing things when my clients say YES to the opportunity to create a different future for themselves.

For the most part, my clients:

  • Are COURAGEOUS! It take a lot of guts to reach out, ask for help and invest in themselves to heal their relationship with money. So I am always inspired at what my clients create when we work together.
  • On a more practical level, they want to learn new skills around their finances, just like they would get training to develop any other skills in their life and know the value of education
  • Thought about hiring a financial planner, but realized they don’t really have the basics in place to start investing yet they don’t want to give up on the dream of building wealth for their families
  • Know they make good money, but sometimes feel they have nothing to show for it and want to learn how to keep more of it
  • Are sometimes embarrassed about their financial situation and keep it a secret
  • Are the key decision makers when it comes to their finances
  • Are into personal development & spiritual growth and have either worked with a coach before, or have taken classes or read books on how to live a better life.
  • Know how to take decisive action and follow through
  • Are willing to open up about their money in a supportive, compassionate environment.
  • Have big dreams for themselves but are unable to take action because of a shaky financial foundation
  • Want their highly customized road map for financial success and don’t know where to begin

Are you a Certified Financial Planner or a Certified Public Accountant?

No. I am not a certified Financial Planner or a Public Accountant.  I am a woman who figured out some simple ways to help you manage your finances in way that supports your highest goals and values. I am certified personal coach with five years or coaching and mentoring experience, on top of seven years of practicing exactly what I teach.

I teach people day-to-day money management skill so that they can get smarter about their money. So, before we work together I want to be up front with you about the type of service I provide.  I am not able to give you investment advice, tax advice or legal advice during our time together. That would be unethical.  What I do offer is a step by step proven path to organize your finances, manage your money properly, address underlying emotional patterns and start connecting your finances with what truly matters to you so that you stay motivated long term.

How are you different from other financial planners, accountants, or financial advisers?

Well, they are trained to deal with the numbers, sometime without the emotion. But I believe money is very emotional, so we deal with how you feel as well as the dollars and cents. When you connect money to something that really matters to you on a deeper level, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your “shoulds” turn into “musts.”

  • Financial Planners give you tactics and strategies around specialized areas.  They help you with estate planning, making the right investments, planning for your retirement and deciding on what types of insurance you need. My services do not include retirement planning.
  • Accountants that work with individuals typically help you prepare taxes and give you advice on how changes in the tax laws may affect you. They also recommend tax shelters (if this applies to your situation.)  Rarely do they look at your finances from a holistic approach, to see how your beliefs and emotions affect your money habits.   My services do not include filing taxes or tax advice.
  • Financial Advisors are very similar to financial planners but they specialize in investments.  They show you where to invest your money to get the biggest return. Please understand, My service does not include advice on investments. 

I take a holistic approach to your unique situation, combining your head, your heart and your spirit. We look at the roots of your money tree instead of just pruning the leaves.  I help you understand your emotions and attitudes around money first.  Then, we look at your numbers and create a step-by-step plan to help you reach your goals. What I do for my clients is teach them Money 101 so they build a strong foundation that lasts a lifetime.

Is your service a debt counseling service?

No. In fact if you are deeply in debt and owe more than you bring in, I invite you to check out www.novadebt.org. They are a counseling service that will negotiate with your creditors for you. My service would not be the right fit for you. I also do not do Credit Repair. There are other services out there that will do this for you.

I don’t have a steady paycheck or income right now.  Will your service work for me?

My service works best with people who have a steady consistent income.  This is because timing is very important when it comes to getting a handle on your money.   I help my clients create a schedule when planning out their finances based on when they get paid.  If you don’t know when you’re next paycheck will be (or how much to expect) I won’t be able to help you create a real plan.

Do you have any certifications or training?

I am certified as a Personal Coach from New York University.  So that just means that I ask you a lot of questions and listen carefully. I’ve also trained and personally mentored by a handful of game-changing business, marketing and Tony Robbins trained professional coaches who have inspired me to stretch beyond what I ever thought possible for myself. For that reason, I believe in the power of great coaching (coaching saved my life at one point) and I continue to invest it in myself every year.

What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

In order for us to work together, you must be willing ready and able to invest in yourself in order to see great results. I work with people who have a proven record of self-development and may have worked with coaches in the past. They are ready to open up and be honest about money in a compassionate, non-judgmental environment. They can spot a great opportunity when it shows up in their life and they take decisive action.

I work best with people who are not just “curious” but are SERIOUS & COMMITTED to changing their relationship with money and learning new skills. This starts with changing your behavior and how you think. They tend to be people that appreciate spiritual concepts around money but also know that there’s more to abundance than just writing out affirmations and hoping money will fall out of the sky and into their laps. Smile They want the step-by-step practical action plan.  They want specific instructions and training on how to build a strong foundation. The people I work with know deep down that they are meant for bigger things, but money causes stress and anxiety in their life.

I expect my clients to show up fully, complete all the homework assignments and take massive action, no excuses. And I hold you accountable to the goals you’ve set.

Who will your service NOT work for?

Because this is a very unique, highly personalized service, I carefully select the clients that I work with and lovingly turn away people who aren’t the right fit. And because our work together requires a tremendous amount of energy, I only have the capacity to work with a select handful of active clients at a time.  Depending on when you decide to contact me, there may only be a limited number of spots left or you may be placed on a waiting list.

That said, this service will not work with people that are not willing to step-up and take action. This service is not for someone who is unwilling to invest in themselves to learn new skills that they know that they need. If you are someone who has a chaotic lifestyle, lots of drama, you tend to miss appointments, not keep your agreements or generally say yes to things and then back out at the last second — THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. This type of behavior is not wealth attractive at all. If this is you, please do not move any further. Read the newsletter, watch the videos. But private coaching is not for you.

Without exception, I do not work with women who are not willing or able to “do the work.” If you want more information on the subject of personal finance I recommend you continue to read about it on your own. My service is for people looking for personal transformation that lays the foundation for building wealth. Transformation requires that you take action week after week, no exceptions. If you are looking to sit back and have somebody “fix you” this is not the right fit and, I respectfully ask that you do not call me.  I don’t want you to waste your time or money because it wouldn’t be the right thing for either one of us.  Sound fair?

Also this program won’t work well if you are in severe financial crisis.  My service is NOT for people who have little or no money coming in or are owe more than what they earn.   It’s my experience that when people are in crisis, the fear takes such a hold on them that they are not able to truly hear my recommendations.  I know from personal experience.  For a few months I was unemployed and couldn’t receive help in that state. I started turning around my finances after I got a steady paying job.

How exactly do you teach people to get control of their finances and live abundantly?

When I was digging myself out of debt, I created an “Abundant Finances” Plan to get control over money and this is the same systematic approach I share with my clients.  It’s all about making sure that your head, heart & soul are working TOGETHER as a team to get you where you want to be.

I work with my clients on the practical, emotional and spiritual elements of money. Because this is a highly customized service, we will quickly assess at the beginning where you need to focus your attention. Here’s exactly what I teach my clients to do:

  • Step #1: Get Crystal Clear on Your “Core Money Blocks” that Keeps You Stuck. Wouldn’t it be a relief to know exactly what you’re doing wrong with money and how to fix it (with love)? During our first call, we’ll get to the heart of what the core issues are that are blocking you from creating wealth in your life. It’s one of my unique gifts. I’m able to listen to you talk (literally, about any subject) and will be able to hear in your words what your patterns around money. From there I can begin to asses what your Core Money Block is. Often times my clients are blown away by the accuracy and at times can get pretty emotional. The best part is, once we get clear on what YOUR unique money block is, we can focus all of our energy to taking daily action to make shifts in this area. We can cut through the confusion and just create a customized plan to overcome your key money blocks.
  • Step #2: Gather All Your Financial Documents and Create a Unique Customized Financial Spending Plan.  You will fill out some confidential forms about your personal finances and send them to me to review. From there I’ll create a plan for you. Then we’ll sit down together and go over your plan step by step. But here’s the best part — we do it together, I never “make” you do anything with your money that doesn’t feel totally natural to you. We align your money with your highest goals. Clients love this part because it takes the stress out of trying to figure it all out on your own.
  • Step #3:  Open New Channels of Income.   One of the biggest reasons people don’t look at that numbers is that they’re secretly afraid that they won’t add up. During our session, if it looks like the numbers are not comfortably adding up, we use a simple creativity exercise to begin brainstorming new ways to generate more cash quickly to start covering your bills. Sitting back and feeling sorry for yourself is NOT an option. I believe in unlimited abundance through determined action. So if the numbers don’t add up, we get to work thinking of all the ways that you can generate more income quickly. Through this exercise clients have generated anywhere from an extra couple hundred dollars to as high as $15,000 extra dollars after two months. Money is unlimited if you only get into action and start opening new channels of income besides your day job.
  • Step #4:  Design Powerful Daily Habits to Keep You on Track.  Sure, a Spending Plan is great in theory. And a great list of ways to money may bring a a smile to your face. But how are you going to stick to it week after week? That’s where our follow-up calls come in. With this program, you are fully supported as your put your plan into action. In our sessions, no topic is off limit. We address whatever you need to talk about in order to stay on track with your finances. Fears will come up. Clients realize that the next step for them is to boldly ask for a raise. Since it affects your finances directly, we cover that. Sometimes unexpected bills show up and clients start to panic. We cover the best ways to remain centered and calm even if the wheels come off the bus. Whatever support you need to stick to your goals, you have in me. Together we will also come up with the top 3 wealth-building habits for you to start using in your life until they become automatic. We will begin to make these habits AUTOMATIC for you so that six months or a year down the road, you don’t even have to think about them anymore. You just effortlessly do what you need to be doing.

Does this really work?  What results can I expect?

Why yes it does! I’m very excited to report that after sharing this system with dozens of workshop participants and clients, they are seeing results!   Many of my clients report that by taking consistent action in this area of their life, they feel confident and empowered. They are making progress because they are getting the skills & training they need to manage their finances on their own. And because of this, they are attracting new opportunities for income in their life that did not exist before.    When you feel powerful, Life responds to your energy.  When you feel good, you get good. So check out the Success Stories page for results you can expect.

My clients come to me to learn new skills on how to change their relationship with money. The changes they make last for several years (and counting). Once you start to think and act differently around money, you can use these skills for the rest of your life.

Through our work together, my clients are paying down debt aggressively, they are saving thousands of dollars simply by being aware of their spending habits, speaking up and negotiating higher salaries, changing careers, attracting clients, incredible manifestations of income (as high as $15,000 for two clients!), two clients started side-businesses, one paid off student loans, many are now debt-free with abundant savings and they’re sticking to their budgets months and years after our work together. 

It’s an honor to be of service to others in this way.

Best part is, when I check in with clients six months, 1 year and even two years later and they report that they are still using the same tools they learned from me because they worked so well. Our sessions stick with them over time!

You can expect to:

  • Build strong wealth-building habits that set you up for long term financial freedom
  • Learn the proven day-to-day money management skills that simply aren’t taught in many places
  • Have a positive, healthier relationship with money
  • Radically change your behavior when it comes to your finances
  • Have systems in place to save consistently
  • Have a clear plan and what to do with your money (a step by step debt repayment plan, savings plan and fun money plan)
  • Have systems to actually stick to it! (No more being tempted to go off-track)
  • Brainstorm short-term ways to create income to increase your cash flow
  • Have a step-by-step process to help you organize your finances and pay your bills on time
  • Set up systems that help you put some of your financial decisions on autopilot
  • Recognize when you feel tempted to spend and have tools to make new choices
  • Feel ON TOP of your finances! You will KNOW that you can do this!!

How quickly can I expect results?

This depends on your level of commitment and how much action you take.  Obviously, I can’t guarantee you any specific outcomes. But what I will say is that, many of my clients or workshop participants start to see results in the first two or three weeks. Some have big breakthroughs from the first exercise alone!  Virtually all of my clients begin to feel empowered and start to see results in the form of new income opportunities, paying off accounts, and big shifts in their thinking when they’re spending money about four weeks into the program.

Is it expensive? Why would I spend money on a program if I’m having money issues?

In full transparency, yes, I do hear from people that the program is a higher investment than they thought it was going to be. And I can respect that. And what happens for most people is that once we figure out what it’s really costing them to stay in the same place financially year after year, stuck in frustration, overwhelm, living at zero with nothing to show for their hard work, they go for it in spite of their fears. Because they sincerely want to make a change and are committed to doing what it takes. My services are ultimately for people that want to build a foundation for wealth from the ground up, starting from wherever they are in their financial lives.

There’s so much information out there, and what this service does is help you to cut through the clutter and address YOUR specific issues around money and give you the step-by step tools to build a solid foundation for yourself from the inside out. If you’re looking for personal one-on-one specific guidance on where you need to focus your attention to practically and emotionally to build wealth over time, then this program is for you.

When you step into a program like this, it’s like investing in a college course with private, regular open office hours where you can personalized attention on a regular basis. Just relying on the free or low cost financial advice out there, is like taking a Money 101 course in a lecture hall with 100,000 students. You will probably not get the personal attention you need to succeed because it takes more than information to produce big results. (And you certainly won’t stay the course when you want to quit. I’ll be honest with you, this road can be a challenge at times and you’re going to need someone to hold you as powerful, even when you can’t see it for yourself.)

Plus, many of my clients report that when the anxiety and fear around money starts to go down through our work together, money unexpectedly appears from other sources. They also start to come up with new and powerful ways to follow their dreams and create income around their passions. It’s a very exciting time to learn how to manage the money coming in so that you can feel powerful enough to start attracting abundance. 

Couldn’t I just do this all on my own? I mean, couldn’t I just sign up for Mint.com, or something?

Sure, you could do it by yourself. But one of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from past clients who tried to do it all themselves using online tools, is that they sign up and do a few exercises, or they upload their accounts into Mint.com and after a few weeks or even DAYSthey QUIT!

It’s not their fault! They want to keep going and they really do want to turn their finances around. But as human beings, we tend to give up if we’re not held accountable. Listen, if money has been an issue for you, you need someone to help you stay the path when you want to quit. This stuff isn’t easy, after all. And if no one is looking over your shoulder and making sure that you commit to taking the action, you’ll most procrastinate. You only get great results if you take consistent daily action. That’s what I help my clients to do.

Another thing to consider: Part of your money challenges is about the numbers, but another BIG piece of the problem is your mindset. How you think and feel about money plays a huge role in how you manage it. And Mint.com can’t really help you with the emotional reasons why you spend. Or offer you support to get down to the root of the issues so that you can take powerful action.

All these resources are great TOOLS but the real work happens when you just sit down with someone who’s been there and knows what you don’t know and come up with a unique strategy that fits your lifestyle. And gives you a loving dose of reality and the support you need to keep going long-term. And that’s what you get when you work with me.

Jill, based on everything I’ve read and heard about you, I know I want to learn from you. What are my options for getting started? What do I do next?

Congratulations on making a decision to step into your financial future! I am thrilled to get started working with you! Take a look at the Programs page for detailed information on all the details.

If you are ONLY looking for help with your personal finances the Master Your Money Program is for you.

If you are looking for private mentoring on how to start or grow your side-business while working full time, then please email my team at info@abundantfinances.com and request more information on the next steps. You can also find out more information by taking a look at the Getting Started page.

Okay, I know which program I want. How do we get started?

Great! Did you know that a common trait among most successful people is that they take decisive action? Nice job!

The next step is to apply for a complimentary 30 minute Money Breakthrough Session with Jill by emailing info@abundantfinances.com Once my team has scheduled your call, then follow the directions in the confirmation and give me a ring at your appointment time.  I can’t wait to to talk to you on the phone to see if I can help you get control of your finances, start saving for your future and living an abundant life!

I’m still not sure.  How can I sample your work at low cost to see if it’s the right solution for me?

The best way is to subscribe to the bi-weekly Abundant Finances newsletter. This gives you tips, tools and powerful techniques to help you start to get control of your money and step into greater abundance.  You can subscribe by entering your email address below or sign up on the homepage.  www.abundantfinances.com

Okay I’m ready to start but I have a couple of questions.  Can I call you?

Yes!! Sounds like someone’s ready to be pulled into their financial future! I believe our intuition always knows what’s best for us and what we need most.  Just email my team at info@abundantfinances.com to schedule your Money Breakthrough Session right away.  It’s a complimentary, no-obligation call just to see if we’re a good fit for each other.  Can’t wait to talk to you and help you succeed when it comes to your money!  Let’s get started!

Big hug!!