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Do You Need Help?

Are you frustrated trying to figure things out on your own?   This personal story from my past is for you...   It was November of 2011 and I was miserable. My next workshop was coming up in a week and it seemed no one was interested.       I was at a low [...]


How to Budget With Variable Income

Today's article for you is about handling the ups and downs with your finances.         Specifically, we're going to talk about how to budget if you have VARIABLE income. Maybe you're a freelancer or an entrepreneur or an independent contractor. The question is: how do you plan your finances if your income [...]

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How to Manage Cash Flow As A Freelancer or Entrepreneur

Check out my Radio Show!   In this  30 minute talk, I'll walk  you  through the 5 steps to learning how to manage your cash flow as a freelancer or solo-entrepreneur.     Whether you've been in business for 10 years or six months, this talk will help you to discover the best ways to [...]


Handle Your Finances Using the Power of Baby Steps

Today's article is about the power of Baby Steps and how this practice helped me to leave corporate to work for myself full-time. Read on...   Success will never be a big step in the future; success is a small step taken just now. ~ Jonatan Mårtensson   There's something magical about taking small steps. [...]


How to Win the Money Game

The article today is very short. On purpose. It's a laughably simple distinction that many people miss when managing their money. And when you get this right, it changes the whole money thing for you.  Ready?   There only two types of money:   Money you can spend and money you can't spend.   That's [...]

Happy Clients!

The most significant improvements after taking the class were (1) Paying off the rest of my school debts (!!)  (2) Being appreciative of the money that I have to spend (3) Having a very organized schedule reviewing money, paying bills, and most importantly, paying myself. This class is for anyone who wants to improve their relationship to money. It’s not a typical money management or financia…Boyuan G.
When I found about Jill, I knew we had to work together. Her positive energy and wisdom is contagious! I can honestly say that this has been THE BEST investment I’ve ever made. Jill didn’t just fix my finances, she looked for deeper emotions and patterns that caused the financial problems, showed me how to change them and created the positive mindset I have around money now.
  During our t…
Megan G.
Jillian is an amazing motivator, coach and advisor.  She has provided me with the strategies I needed to take my business to a whole other level. More importantly, she gave me the confidence(and permission!) I needed to raise my fees.  That was something I was contemplating for years but did not have the courage to do.   After one session with Jill, the very next day I met with a prospectiv…Alexis P.
I just wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU, Jill, for being such a bright light and giving me the knowlege to be fabulous with my finances! Your program has proven to be powerful beyond words, and it’s only, what week 3? Thank you so much! xoxoxCarla F.
This is the most important investment I have ever made for myself.  I am investing on myself now and for the rest of my life and that is the best gift that any human can give themselves.  Anyone can benefit from this program, but most importantly, those that are living paycheck to paycheck and are mentally, emotionally and physically tired of living this way, because of this you are not able to …Yesenia M.
“Jill, I just started your program and it has already sparked some awesome changes and new money! Just days after signing on the dotted line to work with you I was contracted at the highest rate we currently offer!  Living in a constant state of abundance? I say yes!!!Michelle P.
Before going through the program, I struggled with constantly feeling like I didn’t have enough income coming in to get ahead and as a result, I’d wrack my brain over how to allocate what I DID have. Ultimately, I wanted to figure out how to pay my current bills, tackle the outstanding ones, generate savings and still have a little something left for myself.HolleyM.
One semester down, no credit card debt, and I still feel abundant. I just wanted to thank you again for helping me save $10,000 and get ready for my life transition!!Candice M.