Are you frustrated trying to figure things out on your own?   This personal story from my past is for you…


It was November of 2011 and I was miserable. My next workshop was coming up in a week and it seemed no one was interested.  



I was at a low point, frustrated without a clue what to do next. Until one fateful Saturday morning I happened to see an email about a woman who had built her business very quickly. Curious, I did some research. I read her blog. I found out more about her and became very excited.  



In less than a week, I signed up for a program that taught me the basic skills to promote my services without feeling gross or pushy. It was a leap of faith, for sure. But it was the best money I’ve ever spent (all cash!!) and I’ve been learning new skills ever since.   



See here’s the thing. I had a deep desire to help empower people with their finances. What I didn’t have was the skills to make my dreams a reality.   You know, the specific step-by-step, how-to’s that would help me connect with people who needed my services. 



There were basic skills I was missing that someone had to teach me. And once I learned the basics, BOOM! Boy did things start to take off!   



Looking back, I’m glad that I acted on the opportunity right in front of me. Very little money was coming in from teaching workshops. And I could have waited until I had some signups in order to do the program. But, Life doesn’t work that way. You learn the skills FIRST and the results come after.   



I couldn’t do it on my own. I learned this by hiring a coach who specialized in the skills that I was clueless about. I was raised to believe that people who get great results must be superhuman. Now I know that successful people aren’t superhuman. They just learn super skills!  


Maybe I would have figured it out eventually. But how much time would have been lost? Either it would have taken me forever or I might have quit in the process without having support. It’s amazing how learning new skills changed my life.   



So what about you? What new skills do you need to learn to make changes in your life? 



Do you need to learn how to budget properly? How to stick to it long-term? How to stop the negative money stories that keep you stuck? Do you need to learn how to manage your cash-flow so that you end the feast & famine cycle with your money?



Give yourself permission to learn what you don’t know instead of trying to figure it all out on your own.


You don’t have to stay stuck in frustration. Get the help you need. It makes all the difference in the world.