Fix My Finances



“I need to get my finances in order so that I can create financial freedom!”


Do any of these sound like you?


  • You work full-time with a steady income or your a consultant, freelancer or entrepreneur
  • You are positive, visionary, open-minded and totally “woo woo”
  • You are Action-oriented, “just tell me what to do and I’ll do it”
  • You want to get smarter about money and learn new skills for how to manage it



Who you are:

You work  full-time with a consistent, steady income. You may even get tax returns or bonuses every year. You are positive, open-minded and definitely “woo woo.” You write affirmations, gratitude lists, and read inspirational books. You’ve taken classes and worked with life coaches or other healers in the past.You love improving yourself. But when it comes to this money thing, all your positivity doesn’t seem to “work.”


You want to attract more in your life, but something isn’t coming together.  It’s like this part of your life is disconnected from all the others that you sometimes feel like you’re hiding it. You may not have had good role models with money growing up and you can sometimes see yourself making the same mistakes but you don’t know how to stop it.


What you want is for someone to sit down with you, take a look at everything and say: “Here.  Do this, this, this and that.” You want an action plan so you can finally feel at ease. Like you’re making progress.


What your issues tend to be

You are so positive. People come to you for guidance all the time and you love growing. You inspire other people! But you secretly worry about your finances. You don’t like to talk about this part of your life. Debt’s not really too big of an issue for you. It’s more that whatever comes in goes right back out. You don’t really look at your numbers all that often, except to check if there’s enough money in your account to cover whatever bill you happen to be paying.


Sometimes you save money, but it’s not a regular habit. And you end up spending it at times. You may be embarrassed that you don’t have more to show for what you make. You know that if you had savings, you’d feel much more secure. Like your head would be above water, instead of barely getting by.


Sometimes you feel guilty when you spend because you feel like the money “should” have gone into savings. This is because there’s so much confusing advice out there around money that it’s difficult to get clear on what’s right for you. Plus, you may have some negative beliefs around money that are running the show behind the scenes, without you even realizing it.



What you need most right now

Your primary focus needs to be on learning new skills around money.  You don’t know what skills you don’t know, so it’s important that you learn the basics first.  No matter where you wan to go, you’ve got start with where you are.


You must also begin to change how you think, feel and act with your finances.   You’ll need to create a crystal clear, paint-by-numbers system to help you see exactly what’s coming in and what’s going out. Then you’ll need to prioritize your expenses based on what really matters to you. It’s all about making these simple daily routines a habit so that being on top of your finances will become second nature for you. 


Once you create the plan, you’ll need someone there with you to make sure you stick to your plan long term. At the same time, it’s important for you to tap into what really drives you on a deeper level and connect that with your daily actions.  Plus, you’re going to need to put daily systems in place that become automatic over time. (Everyone’s different and because of this a good coach can help you tap into YOUR unique motivation and then help you to motivate yourself over time.) 


How To Get Started


I Need to Get My Finances In Order!”

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