This whole money thing is a life-long journey for me. It is for all of us. There are four stages on this journey and how you can move to the next level.
The first stage: You are asleep, unconscious. You handle money according to the mental tapes passed down to you from your family and adopted from society. You never question or examine your choices. Some people stay at this stage forever. We wish them the best 🙂
The second stage: Then at some point you wake up. It could be a financial hardship that stirs you awake. Or it could be a desire that bubbles up and won’t be satisfied until you take action. Going back to school, switching careers for example. Something that forces you to become aware and look at your money differently.
The third stage: You start paying attention to your money, changing your relationship with it, managing it better. Paying down debts, saving it. Aligning money with your values. Learning the language of abundance. Clearing out old files, getting a new wallet, honoring it.
Then something beautiful happens (and it doesn’t happen overnight…)
The fourth stage: After managing your money well for some time, there comes a point where you realize you’re not going to “save your way” into the life of your dreams. You’ve effectively mastered how to handle your money so that you keep what you make. But there’s a call to increase. You realize, it’s time to learn the art of creating value, sharing it with others and getting paid for it. Stage four is about tapping into your creativity and getting paid for it in order to have a bigger impact on the world around you.
I’ll share with you today, that I’m moving out of stage three and feeling pulled into stage four. I feel so strongly that it’s time to step up.
You may be feeling that pull yourself.  The question is: Will you step up?