Today, let’s talk about  Fear of Overwhelm.  (Particularly when you look at your finances all at once and have no idea where to begin.  And the panic sets in.  Oh, the panic.)

It’s been showing up in sessions recently, so my bet is that this comes up for you too.

The first thing you need to know is that the fear of overwhelm is that nasty Scarcity mentality in disguise. (It’s the fear of “not having enough” just related to Time.)

To bust through the fear of overwhelm with your finances take the following steps:


  • Remind yourself that you do have “more than enough time” to accomplish what’s most important.
  • Then, list the Top 3 most important actions that must be taken today.  Chunk this big project into three tiny baby steps
  • Tackle the most important task. (But here’s the catch! Focus is key here. Close all books, close all other programs on your computer except the ones you need, turn off your phone, lock yourself in a room if necessary. Just focus on completing that one task.)
  • Then move on to the next task and complete.
  • Then the final task and complete.
  • Finally, stop and reward yourself!  It’s a trap to keep going and try to finish it all in one sitting. That will lead to burn out.  You’ve done enough;  Bring on the rewards!!




You’re gonna feel much stronger knowing that you took action and plowed through the panic.  Tackle your fear of overwhelm today and let me know how it goes!


I’d love to hear from you in the comments below…