PHEWF! So excited to do a radio show for International Life Coach Radio on how to prepare yourself financially for self-employment.    If you’re thinking about leaving corporate, if you run a side business or are just starting out, this talk will help you to figure out what you must do to prepare.


Here’s the description of the show. Take a listen!



In this inspiring talk, International Money Coach Jill Beirne Davi will walk you through the exact process she used to transition from working a full-time demanding corporate job to living her dream as a coach, helping people all over the world get a hold of their finances and change how they think about money.


Topics covered:


  • How to find the time to run your business with integrity
  • How to use your job as as silent investor
  • What you need to prepare financially
  • How to stay sane throughout the process
  • How to figure out how much money you need to leave your job
  • How to know when it’s “time” to leave