The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy here as I’ve been able to speak privately with many of you about your finances and seeing if there’s a way that I can help.  Congratulations to all the new clients that said YES to making changes this year! I’m already so proud of you!


(I opened up a few more spots in the next two weeks for anyone who’s ready to chat.)


One thing is for sure:  No matter who I speak to, I love to come from a place of service, giving people resources or the contacts that they need to move them along their path.  More often than not, though, after a phone call, people decide they they’re through trying to figure everything out on their own and they make the commitment to get help.


Sometimes, though, I see people really struggle in this area.  They think, shouldn’t I just “know” how to do my finances? Can’t I just do this all on my own?


Well today’s article is about decided to get help with your finances…


Do you need help?


When it comes to personal finances, most people think, mistakenly, that everyone else is some kind of financial genius. And they’re just not.   I mean, really, who took a Personal Finance 101 course in High School?  Or College?  Or ever?


We live in a world that does not empower people to be great with their personal finances from the start. Without financial literacy, people tend to repeat whatever they saw growing up and they find themselves stuck years later.


Once people get into a heap of trouble, THEN “help” is all over the place.  Here come the bankruptcy attorneys, debt consolidation & settlement companies, foreclosure specialists etc, to come and ‘save the day.’  At this point, however, most people have run out of options and they’re forced to hire someone to help.


It’s no longer a choice. It’s a sentence.


But most of these desperate situations could have been avoided if we were taught the basics of how to think about money in a way that empowers us to make good decisions that set us up for freedom in the future. Not failure.


What if we learned the basic tools around money, and not just the basic information that can be found in a Suze Orman book. What if we learned how to THINK differently about our finances?  What if we could break free from all the stories we create around money?  That’s where change happens. It’s not in a budget by itself, it’s in how you think and feel about that budget.


If you have tried to figure out your finances in the past, give yourself permission to stop doing it alone.  Get the help you need.   More information is not the answer.  True transformation happens when someone helps you to see your patterns and helps you to shift them.


You don’t need more information.  You need more inspiration!


If this is speaking to you and you know you’re ready to get some help in this area of your life, I’d love to set up some time to speak & see if I’m the right guide for you.


There are just four more spots available for sessions in the next two weeks.  If you’d like to apply for a session, just go ahead and click on this link,  fill out the application and someone from my team will get back to you to schedule your call.


I look forward to meeting you!