Fix Your Relationship With Money for Working Professionals

Private Financial Mentoring Experience

If you’re a working professional in a corporate job with a steady paycheck, this program can help you overcome your deeper emotional issues that wreak havoc on your finances, faster than you would all alone.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • You work in a corporate job with a steady paycheck
  • You want to finally get a hold of your finances so that you keep more than you earn
  • You want to someone to sit down with you, look at everything and help you make a plan
  • But you also know that it’s more than just the numbers…
  • Something deeper stops you from
    • saving consistently
    • Spending wisely
    • negotiating powerfully
    • earning what you’re worth
  • …And you’d like to figure out once and for all what the issue is so you can fix it.
  • You’ve made some attempts on your own but didn’t get very far
  • Your goal is to get smart financially and fix your relationship with money
  • You just need a mentor and private support to get there faster than you would on your own
  • You want the Full Financial Package — wise spending, abundant savings, zero to little “bad debt”, growing investments and powerful negotiating skills to get what you want more often.
  • You’re ready & able to invest in the information & mentorship to get there.

If so, then my exclusive:

Fix Your Relationship with Money For Working Professionals Program

…might be the right next step for you.

In this 6 Month Program, you and I create a fully personalized and confidential program to help you with your most pressing money challenges.

Working together you’ll discover…

  • How to create abundant savings (practically on auto-pilot)
  • How to organize your finances in a way that nothing falls through the cracks
  • How to spend money wisely to match your unique personality
  • How to align all your money decisions with your core values so you can finally feel at peace
  • How to fix your relationship with money by diagnosing your unique hot buttons
  • How to quickly eradicate debt (and stay out of “bad” debt for good)
  • How to powerfully negotiate bills, contracts, services, etc. to create huge savings for yourself & your family (even if you’re a “nice” person who “hates” having uncomfortable conversations around money)
  • How to totally eliminate fears when having difficult money conversations (you’ll get my secret weapon worksheet for quickly saving my family over $5K in fees in just 3 months)
  • How to have powerful conversations that get you and your partner on the same page about money (or anyone in your life that you need to talk to about money)
  • How to create powerful financial habits that become automatic and feel authentic to you
  • And more…

Because I do my best to select only those clients I feel will thrive in my programs, my clients get great results. Your experience will vary, of course.

Clients successfully…

  • Pay off credit card debt (and staying out for good)
  • Pay off student loans
  • Raise their rates by 2x or 3x and getting it
  • Land four and five-figure client deals using simple proven strategies
  • Negotiate higher salaries & land more fulfilling jobs
  • Create abundant savings accounts and hit their first $10K savings goal and more
  • Invest in starting their own businesses
  • Build a financial net to leave their corporate job and start profitable service-based businesses
  • Negotiate with employers for unpaid work/extra benefits
  • Negotiate with insurance companies, vendors, and other services to save $3K, $5K or more in fees and services for themselves & their family
  • Have a clear simple system for managing their funds that makes it easy to follow
  • Finally feel confident about money
  • And more…

Please Note: This program is for someone who has the time, energy and financial resources to invest in themselves at a high level.

If you are facing extreme financial hardship or have no steady income, this program will not be the right fit for you.

This program is for people who are ready to do what it takes to turn their finances around.

There are no magic bullets.

Best you can expect is better results, faster than you would doing it all by your lonesome.

That’s where I come in.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Your first step is to apply for a private 30 Minute Free Money Breakthrough Session with me to see if this program is the right fit you.

(Calls take anywhere from 45 minutes to over an hour for people who I think have the highest probability of success with my program.

Since I value your time and mine, I reserve the right to cut the call short if it does not feel like a match. )

Because this program is highly personalized and unique, I only have the capacity to work with a select handful of active clients at a time.

Depending on when you decide to apply, there may only be a limited number of spots left or you may be placed on a waiting list.

Goes without saying:  Serious inquiries only.


Please fill out the application form below.  Give detailed responses – short or one-word answers will not be considered.  If you’re determined a good fit, you will be contacted about the next steps in the process. 

If you could “have it all” financially, what would that look like for you?

What are the top 3 goals you’d be thrilled to accomplish during our work together? (Please be as specific as possible.)

What is your #1 challenge or obstacle when it comes to your finances and your relationship with money?

What do you believe you need most right now to solve this issue?

How else have you tried to solve this issue?

Why do you want to work together and what draws you to my coaching?

What makes you a great client? What might I have to look out for when working with you?

Are you earning a steady, predictable income right now? (Yes or No is fine here.)

Is now the right time for you to focus on your finances or do you have other life commitments that would make it difficult for you to do the work required to see results in the next 6 months?

Breakthrough Sessions are reserved for people who are eager and ready to for private mentoring and want to get their questions answered after deciding it’s a match.

Based on the choices below, how ready are you to get started?

What time zone are you in?