What’s the secret to lasting change? I believe it’s your worldview. How you fundamentally see the world shapes every thought you think, how you react emotionally to certain events and determines what actions you take.



When I first started my business helping people with their finances, I noticed that most of my clients would get great results and be on their merry way. They’d send me emails months and even years later to update me on how much money they’d saved, how they they were credit card debt free, how they’d found the courage to move into better homes, and land higher paying jobs.



And yet there were a small few where, no matter what we tried they’d make some progress in the short term but would be back to their old ways as soon as they hit a minor setback.



I used to wonder what was up with that.



But over the last 5 years I’ve come to notice that it all comes down to how they fundamentally view the world. See, I believe there are two types of people.



There are Growers…and there are Set-in-stoners.



The Set-in-stoners do not believe they can change on a deeper level. They think, I am who I am. That’s it. They see their personalities, they’re intelligence, they’re capabilities as set in stone. Deep down they don’t believe change is possible for them. (Even if on the surface they say that they do.)



When faced with obstacles or setbacks, Set-in-stoners takes things very personally. Since they don’t believe they can change, they automatically assume that something’s wrong with them. They take setbacks as an indication that they must not have the potential to do better.



With this attitude, the set-in-stoners may try a few changes in the area of their finances (they try out a budget for a few weeks, for example) and quickly shut down if obstacles show up.




They go back to their old thinking — I’ll never change. This is just who I am. And they go back to their old behaviors.



But then there are the Growers.



Growers see life as a classroom and an endless opportunity to learn new things. Growers rewind the tape when things go wrong and ask themselves: how can I do better tomorrow?



One mistake doesn’t set them back. They figure out what they could do differently next time or ask for help from a trusted guide if they’re having trouble figuring it out on their own.



When things go wrong, they assume it means there’s something new they need to learn. Not that they inherently aren’t capable.



Growers make lasting change because they’re committed to learning new things and taking new actions.



So what’s the secret to lasting change with your finances? Think like a Grower and guarantee your long-term success!