Are you a high achiever who secretly struggles with your finances?

Do you know you could be doing so much more financially?

You have dreams for your future (retiring early, owning property, starting a business, paying for education)…

…But you don’t know exactly how to get from where you are today… to there?


Have you spoken with other financial professionals who paint the big picture for you…

 …But when you wake up the next morning, you’re not sure how to translate the big picture into a detailed action plan?

If so, welcome.

You’re in the right place.

I believe there’s nothing cosmic about money.

You can’t emotionally tap your way into a growing investments account
No crystal’s going to save you from underpaying dismal work.
The man in the sky isn’t gonna send you a last minute check to pay off your mortgage.

Being successful with money requires consistent, deliberate, right effort on a daily basis.

Meaning, you’ve got to do the right things, consistently and deliberately every single day to get to succeed with money.

If that sounds like work, you’re correct.

It is.

Which is why most people never reach their financial goals.

They try to change, by themselves. They rely on personal willpower alone to make their dreams happen. We’ll talk more about that in a minute but first…

A Crash Course on Money


See, the fundamentals never change.

1. Spend less than you earn.

2. Collect your savings.

3. Put it somewhere where it can grow.

4. Repeat 1-3 till you can stop working for money.

That said, information about money is abundant.

Massive amounts of information exist on what to do.

In fact, if a friend of yours struggled with the same financial issues you face right now

I bet you could give that person a 20-page essay, outlining in detail, exactly what they should do.

Information is NOT the issue.

The problem is in our stubborn habits.

Your finances are what they are today,

Because of the tens of thousands of financial decisions you’ve made (or not made) in your life, since the first time a crisp dollar bill landed in your hands.

Decisions you probably make now automatically, without even thinking about it.

And my job is to be a trusted, experienced guide to help you stop and analyze these pesky suckers, slow down your thinking and guide you to retrain yourself to make new, wealth-building choices.

Choices that instantly put you on the path to financial freedom.

Choices that transform you into someone who:
Amasses Savings With Ease
Spends Wisely
Negotiates Like a Pro
Earns What They’re Worth

If that’s the kind of vision you’ve imagined for yourself,

If you know deep down you have the deep desire to reach your financial potential but can’t seem to figure out how to get there…

Then it’s time to commit to taking new actions that will reshape your destiny.

Change Is Hard When You’re All Alone


“Changing deeply entrenched habits requires help, better information and real support from others. Get a coach and you’ll make change more likely.”
~Dr. Kerry Patterson, Stanford University

Radical transformation, as we’ve already discussed is very unlikely from book-readin’ alone.

And the people in your life currently all subtly (and not so subtly) support your current lifestyle.

The same way you can’t get a degree from a university just by reading the books on the syllabus without attending the lectures,

You need help and consistent outside support. Because — like we said already– change is hard.

Accountability is a proven insurance policy against failure, backsliding and the negative influences of well-meaning loved ones and friends.

My advice? Consider hiring a coach as your personal support team.

And not just any coach.

Someone who’s been where you are.

Who’s made the journey from crippling debt, to abundant savings, to multiple six figures in investments, to a thriving business, on her way to financial independence & early retirement. (If that’s what you want for yourself.)

I’ve personally blasted through the financial challenges my clients come to me with…

And I’ve been walking this path towards financial independence for 11 years.

If you want to understand how to chunk down your big picture goals into bite-size, simple steps that will ensure your financial success

Plus the mental tools to put your plan on auto-pilot …

Then consider hiring an experienced coach.

There’s not many of us out there, truly walking the talk.

You’ll be happy to know, after your careful research, you just found one of them.

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