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About Jill Davi: Financial Coach, Behavior Change Expert


Hello there change seeker,

I’m Jill.

And for years I secretly struggled with money.

  • Asking for it
  • Receiving it
  • Underearning it
  • Hoarding it
  • Then Overspending it
  • Talking about it
  • Managing it
  • Negotiating it
  • Feeling anxious about it
  • Afraid of it

I was a financial failure, plain and simple.

By the time I was 26 I’d racked up nearly $30,000 worth of credit card debt (buying what? I have no idea.)

Working to the point of exhaustion, underearning at a job I couldn’t stand.

Until one day I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to turn my financial life around.

Fast forward 11 years later I can proudly say I’ve…

  • Paid off all my credit card debt in just 18 months
  • Bought a home with my husband
  • Enjoy multiple six figures in growing savings and investments (NOT including 401K or retirement accounts)
  • Live a comfortable but not overly flashy lifestyle, joyfully below my means
  • Launched a side-hustle while working a demanding corporate job that exploded into a profitable global coaching business in 12 months
  • Negotiated over $12K (and counting) worth of savings for my family, simply by picking up the phone and talking
  • Continue to live 100% consumer-debt and student loan free for over 11 years


Oh, and did I mention I’m a “nice,” “highly sensitive” lady who naturally hates confrontation and used to avoid talking about money or even looking at my finances like the plague?

Now, I want to be clear. I share my private financial situation with you today not to boast,

But to inspire you to see what’s possible.

So how did I achieve all this?

I analyzed my crappy habits and changed them.

See, I believe, deep down in my core that…

“You Can Change Anything, When You Activate the Science of Change”


Let’s be honest for a second.

Information on how to change your finances is readily available.

Free or low cost on the Internet.

Endless forums to discuss frugal living and penny-pinching,

How to transfer balances, earn points, get your credit score up, all that jazz.

Information, ideas, free apps, magic tricks, and hacks are a dime a dozen (and often give conflicting advice),

From experts, to authors and well-intentioned friends alike.

Truth is, if information is all you needed,

If a budgeting app and blog posts were all you needed,

If a screaming podcaster could change lives,

We’d all be rich.

Earning More,

Spending Less

Stacking Cash

Investing Our Nest Egg

And Living off the Interest.

But that’s not where you are right now, is it?

You’ve long enough to know that …

Information (while helpful) is not enough.

Applied information that leads to…

Transformation is where it’s at.

The kind of lasting transformation where you can look at yourself in the mirror overflowing with certainty…

That something inside you has profoundly SHIFTED.

And you know for sure because you’re finally making radically new choices.

And when you examine these new actions you’re convinced that…

  • If you stick to these steps you absolutely achieve your goals


  • The actions are simple and pleasurable enough for you to stick to them long term

Habits that prove to you that change is real this time.

That if you commit to this path, then you’ll reap the rewards:

  • Grow abundant savings accounts
  • Eradicate Debt and Stay Out
  • Negotiate like a pro, busting past “NO” and getting to “Yes”
  • Spend and Invest Money Wisely

How to Achieve Lasting Transformation With Your Money


Truth is, most people never experience lasting change in any area of life,

Because they’ve never learned the rules on How People Change.

They attempt to bake a cake with no recipe.

Just throwing things in a bowl, stirring furiously and hopin’ for the best.

Here’s the recipe for change when it comes to your money:

First, you need a Destination.

You need to know where you’re headed.

And this cannot be a “should” goal. 

Your destination must bubble up from the deepest part of you.

Whether you’re single or in a couple, this destination lights you up inside when you talk about it and think about it.

You’ve got to know WHY you want to reach this destination.

Next, you need Information.

Once you know where you’re headed THEN and only THEN can you select ONLY  relevant information that will help you get there

And IGNORE the rest.

And not just any information, the right how-to strategies that are personalized to your specific goals and lifestyle.

And of course, finally…

You need consistent Implementation.  You need to take action each and every day to move you closer to your goals.

This builds momentum, self-confidence, and most importantly UNDENIABLE PROOF that your plan is “working” which reinforces your ability to keep going.

You discover the joy of a positive feedback loop that makes change easier and easier to maintain.

The problem?

Implementation is where people fall short.  This is why great goals go un-achieved. Dead on arrival.

Most people flog themselves thinking they’re a failure for not being able to implement on what they know.

But they’re likely acting out the “lone ranger” myth.

The lie that says change only comes from mustering up motivation all by yourself. 

And if you can’t motivate yourself, it’s all your fault.

But what truly successful people know is that it’s smarter to borrow motivation from your environment.

Borrowed motivation  = accountability.

Being accountable to other people is the ONE thing that moves us from consuming information to consistent application with less effort and less stress.

For example…

If no one but you knows that you’re about to make a huge lifestyle change,

It’s VERY easy to quit when it gets tough.

(And it will get tough.)

You need support and accountability to make sure you are taking powerful daily actions on what you’ve learned.

Bottom line:  Information without Implementation is A WASTE.  

Implementation wears you out when you attempt to white-knuckle it on your own.

It’s much easier with support.

Financial success, financial independence requires you to take action on a daily basis to achieve your highest goals.  

You’re going to need a powerful support system to make sure you stick to it all long term.  

See, your life runs you ragged.

Your schedule, packed to the gills.

And research tells us that even when you really really really really want to change…

Your current habits and routines, the one that took you decades to create through conditioning and reinforcement,

Are very difficult to break without consistent outside support from an experienced guide.  

Why You Resist Support (My Big A-Ha Moment):  This May Upset You


If you’re anything like me you grew up in the middle or upper middle class. Maybe your parents grew up working class.

Can you guess the biggest “no-no”  of the middle class?


Getting help, hiring help, asking for help, reaching out for help.

Middle class and upper middle class households pride themselves on doing everything themselves.

Partly for financial reasons, sure. (Help costs money.)

And partly because of the insidious myth that you’re lazy, cheating, “too good”, “weak” or worse if you hire help.

If you’ve ever struggled in a subject in school and no one ever suggested that you get a tutor for help, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

A recent article about money habits in different socio-economic groups revealed this shocking trend:

Middle class spend their extra money on THINGS (leasing luxury cars, buying luxury brand items to signal financial success)

While the top 1% of earning households spend less on THINGS and instead Invest in PEOPLE and EDUCATION.

Meaning, they spend more on SERVICES (hiring people) and EDUCATION by a ratio of 3 to 1.

If you grew up like how I did: where hiring help was frowned upon, this might be uncomfortable for you to read.

But once I got hip to the fact that doing it all by yourself not only burns you out but keeps you stuck financially… I quickly changed my perspective on hiring help and investing in my own education (beyond my academic career).

BIG HINT:  This could be your aha moment right here.

If you’ve been resistant to hiring help, it could be something picked up from your childhood, your family or community.

When you shift this perspective, a lot may change for you.

Hiring the Right Support For Lasting Change


Anytime I’ve personally made a radical shift in my life that required lasting transformation:

  • Changing my eating habits to find and maintain my ideal weight
  • Kicking alcohol for good, getting sober
  • End my “people-pleasing” habit and speak up for myself
  • Starting and growing a profitable business

…I’ve relied on mentors to inspire me…

…And utilized an accountability system as an insurance policy for my success.

*Note:  When I struggled with debt, there were no “money mentors” out there,  Beyond the sleazy, “make money while you sleep” garbage that did not appeal to me at all.

That’s my biggest motivation for doing this work. 

Being the financial mentor that I needed back then.

But Back to you…

Finding the right mentor to assist and support you in making radical shifts in your financial life,

Is one of the fastest ways to create deep and lasting transformation.

Someone who’s been where you are and moved past the same struggles you’re dealing with now,

And who guides you through challenges as quickly as possible.

Jill helped me shift my focus from years of struggling to pay off debt, to how I can increase my revenue. She honed in on where I can improve my relationship with money so I could generate more business, by fine tuning my sales and consultation process.

After practicing with Jill in my first week, I met with a prospective client and landed the project. As Jillian suggested, I was direct, mindful and authentic and, even surprised myself, when I asked for a higher rate and landed a $15,000 client!! It really was amazing and I couldn’t do it without you! THANK YOU!!

Alexis Petras

Interior Designer

The Challenge in Finding A True Mentor

It’s tough to find a good financial mentor, though isn’t it?

Maybe you’ve been doing your research and asking all  the right questions.

But it’s hard to get to the truth out of people when it comes to money, isn’t it?

People slap on a happy face when it comes to their finances.

It’s taboo to talk about it honestly,

And shameful to admit struggle.

Plus, in the “guru” space, lots of mentors don’t actual talk their walk.  

(I’ve heard horror stories from ex-employees.)

Or they’ve never struggled and never been quite where you are.

Or they really don’t have much in the way of “life experience” or responsibilities.  

(Finances are pretty easy to keep track of when you’re in your mid-20s with no real bills.

As you grow, your finances pretzel themselves into complex puzzles.)

Or they’re in the business of sharing theories (but when applied in real life, their methods don’t work).

Finding a mentor in the financial space who is a real person, speaks honestly, continues to walk the path for over a decade, with the track record of success, that’s accessible 1 on 1…

There’s only a handful of us out there.

And after all your research, I’m happy to say: you just found one.

Is Change Possible for Me? The Science of Self-Improvement


The truth about change is this:

It’s most difficult when you’re running alone.

Change is hard all by yourself.

But if you have access to the science behind self-improvement…

Not just one person’s opinion,

But methods that have worked with thousands of people across hundreds of scientific studies,

Then change becomes do-able.


It becomes easier.

(Not EASY, mind you, change is always going to challenge you…

But it will be easy-ER.)

If you want to change, you need three things:

  • An emotionally powerful Destination
  • Customized, curated Information
  • And world-class Accountability for Implementation


Your outcome?

Powerful, deep and lasting transformation.

Okay Jill, I’m In. What Do I Do Next?


If you’d like to examine your money habits and shift them for good,

So that you can Earn More, Save More, Spend and Invest Wisely and Start the Road to Financial Independence…

If you this is what you’ve been searching for…

Consider taking the next step to see if working together is the next right step for you.

Your first step is to apply for private, confidential Money Breakthrough Session with me to see if becoming a client is the right next step for you, or not.

After leading hundreds of conversations with women (and some men)  all over the globe, I can tell you that nearly everyone felt honored, respected and inspired after their Breakthrough Session.

Think about it:  How often do you get to talk candidly about your finances? Your fears, your aspirations?

Imagine being able to talk with someone who truly understands the dreams you have yourself and offers custom insights on how to propel you forward?

A Very Important Note:


There is no “sales ambush” on your call. If we decided during our call that we’re naturally moving towards working together (which happens often) — we will talk about that might look like for you.

And if it’s not a fit, you will still receive valuable resources to help you on your way.

That’s my promise to you.

All you have to do is fill out these simple questions below, give your best contact information and someone will be in touch with you in 24-48 hours.  

Please fill out the application form below.  Give detailed responses – short or one-word answers will not be considered.  If it feels like a match, you will be contacted about the next steps in the process.   Good luck!

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