Are you not making enough money in your service based business?




Are you generating revenue but the money is going right back out the door?



If, so, it’s most likely because your business model is broken.   “Branding” or “Designing a Better We

bsite” or “getting more followers on Twitter” will not fix the problem.




One of the things I’ve learned is that after growing my personal finance coaching business to mid five figures (and profitable!) in less than one year is that  building a business is kind of like doing a puzzle. Except that the pieces are in different places and there’s no box with the picture on the front telling you what the final puzzle looks like.



On this live 1 hour training, I’ll share with you a totally geeky tool that predicts with astonishing accuracy which pieces are missing in your business so you can focus your efforts and become profitable with money left over to show for your hard work.



[Note:   Video cuts out at the end.  Here’s what I was ABOUT to say!]



So, if you would like to spend some time getting crystal clear on what to do next in your business and get clear on which pieces are missing that are keeping you from generating consistent income, then apply for a session!  Send an email to ‘‘ with “Apply for Business Planning Session” in the subject line.




You will get a handful of questions to answer to see if this complimentary call is right for you.  Looking forward to chatting with you about your business.