This will be short and sweet.

But it may break your brain a little bit.

Money. We all want more, no one seems to have enough.

We ask ourselves, how can I make more money?

And the truth is —

You can’t make more money.  You can’t make money at all

Only the central banks and the Federal Reserve can do that.

And since you’re not the Federal Reserve, you can’t “make money.”

Fine Jill, I mean, earn.  I want to earn more money.

That’s great! At least we’re shifting the language here.

To earn more, you must increase the value of what you’re currently offering to the marketplace.

If you’re a salaried employee, you must increase the perceived value of the work that you do.

Why would anyone give you one cent more without a reason?

You’ve got to increase your value to the marketplace!

How do you know what your value to the marketplace is worth? Well, first you have to go out and ask.

If you have a salaried job- you’re going to have to figure out the maximum the market is willing to pay for your particular skills.

The more rare, the more valuable.  The more valuable, the more you earn.

Take some time to talk to other people in your industry.  Figure out what they need, what’s missing and figure out out a way to deliver THAT in your work,

Then, your skills become more valuable — and then you earn more.

Make sense?

Stop asking yourself how you can make more money. Start asking yourself what you need to do to become more valuable in the marketplace.

Then go offer THAT.

Then and only then will you earn the money you seek

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