Over the last nine years, I’ve conducted hundreds of calls with people all over the world who want to transform their habits around money.

They come to me with the following issues:

  • They want to payoff debt
  • They want to increase their savings
  • They want to own investment property
  • They want to start their own business
  • They want to be able to negotiate better

Now, I believe no matter what your issue: the answer can always be found when you analyze your habits.

Everything we create or fail to create comes down to the daily choices we habitually make.

And of the biggest hurdles, I see…

Is the struggle to hire help in this area.

They think, shouldn’t I just “know” how to do my finances? Can’t I just do this all on my own?

They waffle back and forth.  Should I or shouldn’t I?

Well, today’s article hands you the tools to decide if getting help with your finances is right for you.

(Hint: It’s not right for everyone.)

Should You Hire Help?

When it comes to personal finances, most people think, mistakenly, that everyone else is some kind of financial genius. And they’re just not.   I mean, really, who took a Personal Finance 101 course in High School?  Or College?  Or ever?

We live in a world that does not empower people to be great with their personal finances from the start. Without financial literacy, people tend to repeat whatever they saw growing up and they find themselves stuck years later.

Once people get into a heap of trouble, THEN “help” is all over the place.

Here come the bankruptcy attorneys, debt consolidation & settlement companies, foreclosure specialists etc, to come and ‘save the day.’  At this point, however, most people have run out of options and they’re forced to hire someone to help.

It’s no longer a choice. It’s a sentence.

But most of these desperate situations could have been avoided if we were taught the basics of how to think about money in a way that empowers us to make good decisions that set us up for freedom in the future. Not failure.

What if we learned the basic tools around money and not just the basic information that can be found in a Suze Orman book. What if we learned how to THINK differently about our finances?  What if we could break free from all the stories we create around money?  That’s where change happens. It’s not in a budget by itself (although that’s a huge part of it).  Change happens when you take action, make mistakes and adapt to the plan.

If you have tried to figure out your finances in the past, give yourself permission to stop doing it alone.  Get the help you need.   More information is not the answer.  True transformation happens when you create a plan that fits your lifestyle and you outsource the accountability and mentoring to make you STICK to it.

You don’t need more information.  You need a customized plan.

And most importantly, you need to EXECUTE on that plan.

And for that, you’re going to need an expert to analyze your habits, make recommendations and help you stick to your new plan until it becomes automatic.

So if you’ve got the info, and you’re still not making progress?

Hire a certified financial coach as an insurance policy to reach your goals.

If you’ve got great information and you’re just starting out on turning your finances around, …

And you know you’re not really great at sticking to things (especially when they get difficult, which they will) — then hire a certified financial coach.

And if you’ve got great info and you’ve got a proven track record of sticking to things and achieving high goals  — then a coach might not be worth it at this time. Ideas are free and if you’re great at follow-thru then coaching might not provide as much value.

So these are the different questions you must answer before deciding to hire a coach to help you transform your finances.

Now, if you’re ready to hire help in this area and you’re doing your research to hire the best…

Consider applying for a complimentary, private session where you get full access to me,  a certified financial coach trained to help her clients:

  • Eradicate Debt
  • Spend Wisely
  • Negotiate Like a Pro
  • Abundant, Growing Savings

All So That You Can Become Financially Independent.

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