So years ago, I found myself $30,000 in the hole.  I was a financial disaster.


$30,000 in credit card debt.  Buying what? I have no idea.


But I did eventually pay if all off in 18 months.


And not only that, I’ve never been in credit card debt since, started a thriving profitable business, amassed savings and am happily on the path to retiring early.


So how did I do it?  And what did I do differently than other people who also struggle with how to pay off debt?


First:  We’ve gotta make sure you know there is no magic “secret.”


Debt only happens for two reasons:


  1. You’re not earning enough to even begin with to cover your total cost of living.  (This is an earning what you’re worth issue.)


  1. You ARE earning enough, but you’re spending it inefficiently or mindlessly thereby creating debt.  (This is a money management issue.)


So if your situation is like #1:  Then you probably are managing your money okay, you just need to work on earning more.   And that requires strategic, focused daily activity.


And if your situation is like #2, then you need to spend less and manage your money better. This requires strategic, focused daily activity.


Either way, if you haven’t figured out how to pay off your debt by now, it’s likely you’re going to need some help.  Someone who can help you to help you break bad habits and program yourself with new ones that build wealth.


Quick detour before we start:


What most people don’t understand, however, is that the goal isn’t to get out of debt this one time.


The goal is actually to put habits in place to pay off debt now and STAY OUT forever!


Otherwise, you trap yourself in a yo-yo dieting type cycle with money.


Out of debt, then back in then back out.  And guess what?

You can’t get ahead financially that way.


Instead, Your goal must look more like a lifestyle change more than just a quick fix.


So how do you pay off your debt?

Well for some people the focus is to earn more.


For others, it’s to spend less.


For most – combining the two pack the biggest punch.


But you must also fundamentally shift how you think about how you spend money and how you earn it.


If you’ve been in and out of debt and are looking to pay it off…

You’ve got to question the mental habits you have around managing it.


I call this the Self-Chatter.


The way you speak to yourself is critical in long-term habit change, including paying off debt.

Not only how you speak to yourself about money, but how you speak to yourself about

~Your ability to change

~Your ability to sacrifice today for pay off tomorrow

~Your ability to bust through the uncomfortable period of change

~Your ability to trust yourself

~Your ability to stay the course when things go off the rails (and they damn sure will)


These are what I call “meta beliefs” that hold the keys to the kingdom.


When you master these beliefs, you can change anything.  Especially your finances.

See, we all have habituated ways of thinking that drive our emotions and our actions.  


And when you change these habitual thoughts, life gets a lot easier.


You’re probably asking:  well how do I know which thoughts to change?


Don’t I need years and years of therapy?


The good news is…

You don’t have to go deep into the recesses of your own mind to shift your thinking today.


You can reprogram yourself starting with the self-talk that you KNOW will blow your stinking’ thinking away.


There’s a process I’ve been using for years — and it’s completely backed by research.

And it’s one of the secrets to my success as well as my clients.


How to Change Your Thoughts Fast (So You’re Mentally Ready To Pay Off Debt)


You make a list of all the things a person who is successful with money would think about themselves.  


Then you make a list of all the actions a person who is successful with money would do on a daily basis. (If you don’t know what powerful money habits to install, consider hiring a mentor to fast-track your success.)


Finally, read this list out loud to yourself twice a day.


For really ninja level of change, record yourself making this statements and listen to it under headphones or in your car during your commute.  Every Single Damn Day.


Repetition is key here.

We learn who we are through repetition.


We learn our habits (both bad and good) through repetition.


And lasting transformation ONLY occurs at the identity level.  


When we shift who we THINK we are, then our actions naturally flow towards our goals.

So take control of the self-chatter that goes on between your two ears.


Install power statements.  


And you’ll start to see your actions start to follow with ease.  


Now, there’s a right and a wrong way to do this — one will stress you out, the other exponentially ups your earning power and your financial game.  That’s why I spend a lot of time with my clients crafting the perfect words to say to themselves for maximum impact.


But feel free to give it a try!


Now, if you don’t know how to pay off your debt and you’re open to taking an unusual, yet powerful approach to financial success..


Consider hiring me, a financial coach and mentor who can help you achieve the full financial package:

  • Eradicate Debt
  • Spend Wisely
  • Negotiate Like a Pro
  • Abundant, Growing Savings


All So That You Can Become Financially Independent.

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