What’s the secret to lasting change?

Well, there’s many but one that’s most important is this:

Lasting transformation can only happen at the Identity Level.

See, there are different levels of how change can come occur.

There’s the tactical level — meaning you take different actions to get a new result.

When you’re researching ways to payoff debt fast, or how to negotiate with collections agencies or boost your credit score..

This is actually the lowest level of change.  You make a few low-level action changes,

you may even keep it up for while,

But if you’ve trying to improve your finances and get them in order for a while with no real lasting success…


It’s because even though your actions change for a short time , who you think you are at the core, remains unchanged.


Which is why we regress into our old destructive patterns and habits pretty quickly after attempting change.


So if you’ve been trying to get your finances in order and it’s not “sticking”


It’s because you haven’t worked on changing at the identity level.


Who you THINK you are.


Why Your Identity Matters When Making Lasting Financial Change 

Researchers tell us we make something like 35,000 decisions a DAY.


The bad news is:  Your identity informs nearly all of these decisions.


We make them many of them unconsciously, based on our self-concept.


Now, the good news is:


We can change our self-concept — and it doesn’t have to mean we spend a decade in therapy either.


It’s still a long process, don’t get me wrong.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any given time you know that I’m not into quick fixes


And you’ve probably been around the block long enough to know that magic bullets don’t really exist.


Most of how we change is a slow, gradual process that seems like nothing’s happening at first..

And then the compound effect of all our actions snowballs out of control and we see the evidence of our transformation.

So what does this have to do with you paying off debt, creating six figures in savings, accumulating investment capital, etc..?  Reaching your financial goals in record time?


Well if you want to make sure those 35,000 daily decisions march your forward to financial success…


You’re going to have to change who you think you are,


And that begins by speaking to yourself differently.


I’m NOT talking about affirmations, or mantras or using sage or crystals either.

This is based on evidence-backed research from the sports psychology community.


How we speak to ourselves determines our success or failure in every area of our life.


Before you can start making smarter decisions, you’ve got to re-learn how to talk to yourself.


Because in the end, no matter who you hire as a coach, or mentor, and no matter how many books your read…

It’s YOUR thoughts you hear over and over again, day in and day out.

It’s what YOU tell yourself that matters.


So one of the foundational concepts I teach people — before we look at your finances,


Before we start creating a Spending Plan


Before we start figuring out ways for you to earn more, or negotiate a higher salary…


Before anything we’ve got to drastically EDIT your self talk.


What you tell yourself habitually, matters.


And it turns our, exciting research suggests that there’s actually a specific WAY that you can speak to yourself that …


  1. Jolts your brain into paying attention quickly and…
  2. Get your mind to quickly BELIEVE what you are saying to yourself.


So, let me pause right here and geek out about the power of this.


Imagine being able to consciously choose who you’d like to become..


And imagine being able to train your brain to believe these new ideas about yourself are in fact true


And you were able to ritualize and systematize this process (maybe taking 10 -15 minutes, 2x a day) to forge new pathways in your brain?

Ladies and gentleman, this is BIG stuff I know.

Sounds too good to be true.


But I’ve been using a specific method of talking to myself daily and consistently that skyrocketed my financial success.


And I’m convinced if you ignore this step you’ll always be stuck in the “attempt to make change & fail” cycle.


Ignore this step at your own peril.

Why Breakthroughs Don’t Create Transformation on Their Own

Breakthroughs and aha-s are great.

But guess what? We usually don’t have a way to take that learning and drill it into brains so that we can transform our lives.

We quickly forget our feel-good bursts of energy we receive when breaking through a particular emotional or mental barrier.


We need a system to drill these new self concepts into our heads — in the specific language pattern that our brains will easily accept as fact.


Again, not mantras or affirmations which tend to stress of out and have the OPPOSITE effect we want them to.


Phewf, okay this is a long post.

But I want you to grasp this concept:


Tactics about transferring balances, the snowball method, consolidating, savings vs. paying off debt…


When you’re looking to change at the tactical level – you’re less likely to make long-term transformation.

Because you’re not looking to make long-term shifts at the identity level.

There’s a big difference between someone who, every six months or so, attempts to clean up their finances and makes progress for a few weeks and quits…

And the person who focuses their efforts on shifting their identity to BECOME someone who makes sound, financially healthy decisions each and every day.

What does that person look like?  What does that person tell themselves? How do they see themselves?

When you can retrain your self-image and make it a daily ritual, using language that’s your mind will accept without question:….


Then and only then will you overcome your financial challenges — FOR GOOD.


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