VIP Day With Jill

Untitled-1Your Private VIP “Make Your Business Profitable” Money Breakthrough Day

In this private day (just you and me) I’ll use my “money maven mind’ to help you create a clear and accurate picture of where you stand financially right now in both personal and business expenses and show you exactly how to plan your cash flow in order to make your business profitable this year.  Plus, you’ll get the loving kick in the pants you need to make sure you start 2014 the black while you still have time to turn things around!

I’ve just launched this program for a small handful of passionate, visionary, kick it into high gear entrepreneurs who are ready to step it up and confidently face their numbers to create a PROFITABLE business and pay themselves in record time.  Are you one of them?

Hello there Solo-entrepreneur!

I’d like to invite you to something special I’ve put together that has created an ENORMOUS impact in my business (and life!) as I’ve transitioned from employee to full-time entrepreneur. I think you’re gonna love it.

This invitation is for you if any of these describes you…

  • You’re in the start-up phase of your business, you have some clients and some income, but you’re not sure exactly WHAT you need to be making per month/quarter or year to make your business profitable.
  • You’ve had success in attracting clients, creating compelling marketing materials and people are signing on to work with you.  But you’re not exactly sure “where the money goes” after you make it. (And sometimes it comes in drips and drabs, so it’s difficult to plan for the future.) Plus, your business and personal finances are intertwined.
  • You are spending thousands of dollars on coaching, mentoring, training and support and you’re want to know WHEN this dream is going to become a real business – meaning when is it going to make MONEY.
  • You get the mindset stuff, the marketing and sales side of the business.  The client creation part.  But you’re afraid to look at your numbers because you’re not sure about what you will find when you peek under the hood. But you know you can’t live like this forever.
  • You get the mindset stuff, the marketing and sales side of the business.  The client creation part.  But you’re afraid to look at your numbers because you’re not sure about what you will find when you peek under the hood. But you know you can’t live like this forever.
  • You’re ready to make your business PROFITABLE and want to be able to look into the future and clearly see exactly when you’ll be able to make this a reality.
  • You’re feeling a vague sense of “not knowing” what to do next in your business or a lack of motivation.  Let me tell you from experience, NOTHING motivates you faster than looking at then your numbers and then creating an action plan to get you where you want to go QUICKLY.

The VIP “Make Your Business Profitable” Money Breakthrough Program is a PRIVATE, hands on experience, where you’ll get a high level of personalized attention, support, creativity and accountability.  Plus, I promise to keep it light-hearted along the way (even when we’re getting into “serious” stuff.)

This is our goal:

To sit down together and create your Cash Flow Calendar for the next 12 months so that you can get crystal clear on exactly what you need to do to get control of your personal and business finances, make your business profitable and pay yourself in record time.

When we’re though, you’re going to be totally clear on these key numbers:

  • Exactly how much you’ve spent on your business to date this year
  • Exactly how much revenue you’ve generated in your business to date this year
  • Your estimated operating costs from now till the end of the year
  • How many more clients you will need in order to be profitable
  • How much you’ll have to bring in order to pay yourself and cover personal expenses
  • How much “personal allowance” you can afford to give yourself at this stage of the business
  • Exactly what to do with “extra money” that comes in (Hint: it’s not vacation money!)
  • A rough conservative estimate of how much you need to put aside for taxes (which you will double-check with your accountant after our time together.   I’m not an accountant.)
  • What the payment and pricing structure of your programs must be in order to smooth out your cash flow



Here are some possible RESULTS you can expect to create if you show up fully and get into action when we work together!

Together we’ll…

  • Calculate how many clients you’ll need to make a profit and this year based on what you’re currently offering.
  • Set up SIMPLE easy to use systems for you to monitor your cash flow as a solo business owner so you that see VERY quickly and easily how much money is coming and flowing out of your business so you can get clear on exactly what you should be doing to make money.  NO QUICKBOOKS ALLOWED!  Excel is fine, affordable and all you need right now. Trust me.
  • We’ll calculate your break-even point – this number is critical. How much have you invested in your business?   How much do you need to make in order to break even?  When you know this numbers you’ll get a sense of confidence and motivation to kick it into high-gear!
  • We’ll take a look at your client payment schedules and see what money you expect to come in for the rest of 2013 so you can start to PLAN better (and also to avoid potential money crunches before they happen)
  • We’ll get clear on how much you can afford to pay yourself (based on your personal expenses)
  • Make powerful decisions around how much to charge, and create simple program and pricing strategies to get you paid faster and you can smooth out the peaks & valleys in revenue
  • You’ll get clear on how much operating cash you have on hand
  • We’ll get clear on which bills  are clear business expenses and which ones are personal
  • You’ll get a list of questions to ask your accountant after our work together to double-check your numbers! (This is critical!)
  • We’ll set up a clear spending plan for you so that all of your business expenses live in ONE PLACE so they’re easy to find month after month (No more paying on 8 different cards, at 8 different times.)
  • You can calculate EXACTLY how much you can spend on coaching, training, education so that when opportunities arise, you can powerfully say “HELL YES” or  “not right now.”
  • We will put together a business savings plan for reserves during leaner months.
  • We’ll get crystal clear on the minimum you need to make per month to pay yourself, pay estimated taxes, and pay for business expenses. Don’t start your month without this number!
  • We’ll get crystal clear on how many more clients you need to be profitable.  And Where to put that money.  (Hint: it’s not Spend it on a lavish vacation! Not yet anyway…)

Why I Put this Program Together For You…

A few months ago I went from running my business on the side, while working in corporate to transitioning into a full-time entrepreneur.  Cash flow was easy. I had a steady paycheck to look forward to. I could plan things. I could save.

But working for myself was a totally different story. I had money coming in (at different times), expenses going out, I was investing in my business, and things were scattered. I had a PayPal account, a business account, a merchant account and a debit card and then all my personal cards too.

One big mess. (And I’m a stickler for organization.)

It all came to head when I wanted to do my nails one day.  My personal checking was at nearly zero.  My business account had plenty money and I had a personal credit card that I hardly used. It was a small thing but I realized, I’m making money in my business but what do I do when I want to get my nails done? Am I supposed to be moving money over? I can’t just use the business a personal piggy bank, so what should I do?!

(Laugh if you want. But you’d be amazed how hard that question was to answer. Even my accountant gave really vague instructions on what to do next.)

So that weekend I decided I was sick of being in a money fog with the numbers and I sat down to see if I could create a system to figure how much to pay myself per month and how many clients I would need in order to be profitable for the year.

At the end of the day, I had my answer:  I was only 3 clients away from profitability. But if I didn’t land two new clients in the next month, I’d be completely out of cash in 90 days and would have to start dipping into credit cards or savings. (Both of which I vowed never to do.)

Well, if that didn’t motivate me to get moving, I don’t know what else would. In fact, I took massive action to fill my week with calls the very next day. And it worked!

So now, I want to help you do the same.   Because one of my mentors Steve Chandler says: “The most successful people I know are fanatical about the numbers.” It’s true. What you track you attract.  So let me help you get control of your numbers so you can show up more powerfully in your business and create the financial freedom that you deserve!

Untitled-2Danielle O.

” My VIP day with Jillian completely changed the way I understood my cashflow and bills. I had been managing my money in an ad hoc way–swatting away bills, keeping up with payments but without any holistic sense of if I was profitable or not. I really had no idea how much I needed to make beyond my set monthly expenses like rent and the cable bill.

Jillian was able to create a birds eye view of all my finances and organize them in a way that made sense for my current situation with a focused eyes toward a profitable future. She did so with complete respect for my creative nature–never chastising me as others have for not being a more systematic or linear thinker. And this is precisely why I believe that all emerging entrepreneurs should run, not walk, to work with Jillian. After four hours with Jillian, I found I was profitable (just barely) which was a happy surprise, but I also learned the exact dollar amount I needed to sustain this through the end of the year. She also helped me craft a rock solid plan to turn an upcoming project into a cache of seven months of living AND business expenses that would fill my first-ever business savings account.

The investment in your VIP day will set you off on a stable path to financial success. It will keep you ahead of the curve. It will negate your stress about money because you will know exactly where you stand financially and what you need to do to meet your expenses as well as grow and expand in the future. I believe it’s the most empowering and worthwhile investment you can make for yourself as an emerging entrepreneur.”

If This Is Speaking To You And You Want to Map out Your Cash Flow Calendar for the next 12 months and Discover Exactly What You Need to Be Profitable (And Pay Yourself Too) Then this VIP Day Experience is for you…

Here’s What You’ll Get…

  • You’ll complete your Personal Finances & Business Finances Snapshots and send to me (this is completely confidential; I take this VERY VERY seriously.)
  • You’ll receive a full FIVE HOURS either Live in-person or virtually to go over your numbers. That way, it will get DONE together with me helping you along.   If this is done in-person, I come to your home. If it’s virtually, we do Skype with screen-sharing.
  • Then you’ll receive three 30 minute follow up calls every two weeks to check in and see what needs tweaking
  • And you can email me ANY TIME with quick questions about things that are coming up for you

Things You’ll Need

  • You’ll need to have Excel & Skype
  • You’ll need to be willing to gather your personal and business finances in one place. (If you need help with this, I’m with you every step of the way)
  • You’ll need to willing be share your financial snapshot
  • You’ll need to have an accountant double-check our estimates when you’re finished. (The basic system will be in place, and you may have to change a few numbers.)

I’d love to help you if it’s the right fit for both of us.   I hand select clients so depending on when you decide to apply, you may be placed on a waiting list.


The next step is for you to fill out the form below.  Please be thoughtful in your answers — short, one word responses will not be accepted.  Once you submit your form, someone from the team will be in contact with the next steps.

What would you most like to create in your business in the next 6-12 months?

What is your #1 challenge or obstacle when it comes managing your personal and business finances? What is the pain you're experiencing?

How committed are you to changing this area of your life (scale of 1-10, 10 being very committed)? Why?

What is your business revenue to date?

How would being more in control of your finances make a difference in your life and in your business?

Which coaches or mentors are you currently working with or have worked with in the past?