Last year I finally left the corporate world after ten years, to pursue my dream of helping people with their finances.  One the day I left, I came out as an entrepreneur.

But it wasn’t always like that.  For years I was totally in the closet —  sneaking my side business around corporate hours.  Two hours before work.  Teaching classes at night.   Dashing down the block on my lunch break to talk to my coach and racing back before anyone would notice.  Going to breakfast networking meetings with other business owners, longing to be free like them, the “crazy entrepreneurs” that didn’t want the “normal” path.


I was in between two worlds and never felt comfortable in corporate.  I didn’t understand why you couldn’t just go home early if your work was complete.  Or why we had to play that stupid “Look how late I’m staying, I must be a really hard worker!” game. I didn’t understand meetings that lasted for more than 8 minutes.


I wanted to work for myself and leave corporate for good.


But in order to leave, I wanted to be sure that I could actually make this business work financially. (I do not believe in quitting cold turkey with no plan!)


Instead, I had to stop dabbling and get serious.  So I hired a business coach, joined a mastermind group and after about 8 months of really going for my dreams, I kicked open the closet door. ?     Free to call myself an entrepreneur – out loud.


I now help people all over the world get started by making money and serving others in ways that feel authentic.


So what about you?


Do you ever feel like that?  I’m so curious to know…


Are you working full-time but secretly long of being a “crazy” entrepreneur, being able to actually pay your bills doing work that lights you up? (Instead of pushing paper all day, and waiting for the day to end…?)


Have you been starting a side business…forever? But it’s never really gotten off the ground?


Are you not charging what you’re worth (or giving it away for free) because you love doing it so much you feel bad “taking” money for it?


Are you dabbling in your side business here and there, on nights and weekends?


Do you fantasize about doing your thing full-time, but aren’t sure you can make any “real” money at it?


If any of these sounds like you, let’s have a conversation.


Let’s spend some time together and see if you can make your side-business a real thing – something that can eventually support you financially.  The #1 reason people don’t leave to pursue their dreams is because they’re afraid they won’t make enough money at it.  I totally get that and I’d like to help.


So if you’re a closet entrepreneur, dabbling with a side biz but you can’t seem to figure out how you can ever afford to pursue it full time, then it might be time to get some help in this area.


Click here for more information on how to apply for a complimentary 30 minute session with me.