So here is the secret to financial success that no one is telling you.



If you want a new outcome, particularly in an area that you’ve struggled with for a long time, you must take MASSIVE action.


My mission in life is to help INSPIRE people to take massive action when it comes to turning around their finances.   It’s a can’t-miss strategy for success.


You don’t pay a bill or two here or there and hope for the best. That’s not what I did to get out. That’s not what I encourage my clients do to get out.



I’m talking about MASSIVE action. Don’t do one thing, do 15.  Don’t call one creditor, call them all!   Don’t check the balance every so often, check it every day.  Don’t track some of your expenses, do it ALL. Go ALL IN.


Now it’s your turn.


I want you to think about a problem you have with your finances right now.


Maybe you’re in debt.



Maybe you live at zero, what goes in always goes right back out



Maybe you’re not making enough money in your business or as a freelancer



Maybe you don’t have enough at the end of the month to cover your bills.



Now, I want you to think about the ways that you’ve TRIED to solve the problem in the past. What specific actions have you taken? How many were there, really , if you’re honest about it?



And where did you stop? Where did you quit?
Now, I want to share with you that the way OUT of your problem is THROUGH it. By blasting through it. By taking a no-excuses approach. By being unreasonable.  By becoming BIGGER than the problem and playing a Financial version of Whack-A-Mole.  As each new challenge arises, greet them with strength, courage and a powerful WHACK.



How are you showing up to your problem?  Are you feeling powerless? Overwhelmed? Anxious?  Do you feel smaller than the obstacles you’re facing?



When we give our power over to our circumstances, we become paralyzed in fear. And nothing changes. This state of mind leads us to fear and despair.



But when we mentally shrink the problem and create a bigger version of ourselves, we find the courage to take massive action.



People ask how I changed my finances around so quickly.  It’s because I changed my story around what I was capable of. I found that inner Warrior. And from that place began to take massive action.   Just tons of small actions every single day.



Paying down cards, closing some out, calling creditors, writing letters to creditors, tracking my progress, making it a game.  Celebrating successes, hiring people to help when I was stuck.



You don’t do ONE thing  (as many experts on the psychology of change will tell you).  You do a million small things until you create the outcome that you want.



THAT is what it takes to change. That’s the mindset you want to come from before embarking on this journey of turning your finances around.


The question is:  Are you ready??